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Allen Organ Service
Allen dependability is legendary. Backed by a ten-year parts warranty, Allen Organs require no periodic maintenance or tuning. In the unlikely event that an Allen requires service, it is performed by factory-trained Allen technicians. We stock a supply of spare parts on hand for service needs. The modular design found Allen products ensures quick and easy service, without the necessity for on-site soldering.

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From its inception, Allen Organ Company has been dedicated to the long-term support of its customers. This starts with the commitment to produce consoles, speakers, and all sub-assemblies IN-HOUSE – all under one roof and all MADE IN THE USA. This allows Allen to control and maintain the level of quality they are so passionate about. This commitment to quality produces instruments with a very high level of reliability. If service is needed, Allen in can provide parts for EVERY instrument they have ever produced, even those dating to the 1940s and 1950s. Because of this level of long-term customer support, there are many Allens that have been in service for 50 years or more and still serve their congregations faithfully. This is one reason why Allen has so many loyal repeat customers

Customer Support
The relationship between Allen Organ Studios Delmar NY and our customers doesn’t end when an instrument is installed. Allen’s long-term commitment to customer satisfaction continues years after the organ installation.

If you need service, please use our Contact Us page, or call directly at (518) 439-0500.